Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OF COURSE. Of course!

Yesterday I finally, finally, finally got the official information about the kindergarten school bus for Julia. (Note to school and bus company: school begins in one week. It would be nice to know about MAJOR DETAILS LIKE THE SCHOOL BUS SCHEDULE a bit earlier, thanks.)

Turns out that, even though all last year our kindergartner next-door neighbor came home on the bus at 11:10 a.m., what would have been a perfect time for me to pop Julia into the car and zip on over to the nursery school to pick up Genevieve at 11:30, THIS year (since the number and location of kindergartners changes each year) Julia will be dropped off at our driveway at 11:23 a.m. Plus, the bus company lady warned me that "it could be later, especially in the first few weeks when the kindergartners are just learning about where their stops are and how to gather their belongings and exit the bus by themselves." Did you get that? 11:23 or later.

People, people, people. As if I need anything more to be awake at night worrying over in regards to sending my girls off to school this fall. Seriously.

ARRGHH! GAH! Headache.


Mnmom said...

It's simple! You just pick Julia up at school, then stroll over and get Vivi. They are right across the street from each other. You'll have to drive there anyway.

OR you work out a carpool with another Mom. You drive them TO preschool, and she brings them home.

PS - the bus notifications will NEVER come earlier. It's just a fact of life I've learned to live with.

donna said...

I'm sure you aren't the only parents to have had to deal with this. Being that the schools are across the street from each other as MNMom says, that seems like the easiest solution. However, I would also encourage you to talk with both J & G's teachers/schools so they are aware of the situation and they will likely have additional solutions for you as well.

It will be fine, even though it's frustrating.

Shan said...

Thankfully, since posting this, I have found out (via 3 other moms) that it is OK to do this (pick Julia up myself some days, have her ride the bus home other days). I had mistakenly thought I'd read you had to do the same thing every day, but I was misremembering: it's actually that it's not allowed to have the bus drop your child at one bus stop (i.e. at home) some days and at another bus stop (i.e. daycare) on other days.

I guess on T/Th I pick Julia up and we kill a half hour and then go get Genevieve. Which will be fine, and fun.


Lori said...

What about homeschooling? Then you wouldn't have to worry about picking them up at all!


Shan said...

Props to Lori for the MOST OUTRAGEOUS suggestion for solving this problem. ;)

Seriously, I think about those women who homeschool and I honestly cannot understand how a person could possibly have the talent, fortitude, organization, patience, and ambition to do such a thing. I admire them greatly, b/c can you see me as a homeschooler? I'd be yelling ALL THE TIME. I am not even kidding!