Saturday, August 01, 2009

Operation Toddler-to-Preschooler-Transformation

Earlier this week I miraculously overcame my lack of motivation and bought some paint. Then I painted the two matching child-sized chests of drawers my sister and I had when we were little girls. I repainted Julia's, which we'd had since her infancy, and which was showing scuffs and scratches on the yellow and white I'd done way back before she was born, and then painted the second one--newly acquired from my parents' house, and formerly blue--to match for Genevieve. I moved the giant old changing table-dresser we'd used for both babies out of the room, and moved all the things from the drawers--Pull-Ups and tights and socks and clothes--to new homes in the small chest and the cubby shelves in the girls' closet. I piled up old baby blankets and swim diapers and Pack-N-Play crib sheets to give away; I affixed a "J" and a "G" to the closet shelves to show each girl which side is hers. Then, this morning, Christopher converted Genevieve's crib into a toddler bed, and I put on the toddler-bed bedding that's been waiting since Julia moved up to a twin.

The room is still a small-child room--all pale buttery yellow and pink and white, airy and sunshiney and with peeks of babyhood here and there: the overnight diapers, the blankies, the fluffy rocking sheep. It's a sweet shared sisters' room.

But look how proud Genevieve looks of her new non-baby bed:

Don't you like how she sleeps with her head at the counter-intuitive, non-wall end of the bed, because she likes to have her head close to Julia's?


Christopher Tassava said...

Then, this evening, Christopher converted Genevieve's toddler bed back into a crib, and while Vivi wailed, "I doan wanna big-girl bed!" replaced the toddler-bed bedding that's been waiting since Julia moved up to a twin with the crib blankets that Vivi kicks off a half-dozen times a night when she gets overheated.

Trying to get your kid to move to the next stage before she's ready FAIL.

Donna said...

I love the pictures of their room. Such a sweet girl room.

I love that your girls have your childhood furniture (isn't the bed yours too?). My kids have the childhood twin beds that were my mother-in-law's and her (late) sister's. I love that the kids are a piece of that history.