Sunday, August 02, 2009


Over the past year+ of bedtime crying, many people have suggested to me that we transition Genevieve out of a crib. They theorized that doing so would make Genevieve happier about going to bed, that maybe she disliked being confined in a crib for so long. Of course, I knew that if I put Miss Bedtime Refusal in a bed, she'd be able to LEAVE IT, and then we'd have yet another bedtime behavior to deal with, the one where the child repeatedly gets out of bed, opens the door, and walks out of the room. Yeah, fun for all.

I also knew Genevieve liked her crib just fine. It wasn't her crib she was rebelling against, it was bedtime itself, and more specifically (especially in later months), going to sleep without a parent, preferably me, within sight. Other people didn't seem convinced, especially as Genevieve has gotten older and older and has still been in a crib. She turns three in two weeks, after all.

Yesterday we converted her crib into a toddler bed. Genevieve was super excited and said she loved it. She didn't sleep at naptime, but didn't cry or fuss; instead, I could hear her playing with her animals for 45 minutes. When she called that she had had enough, and I went in to get her up, she was sitting on the bed and seemed happy enough.

But at bedtime last night, Genevieve hated the bed. She cried and cried, begging for her crib rails and her baby blankets. She was having none of this toddler bed business. It was a little heartbreaking, to be honest, because all she wanted was her familiar crib. And what were we to do? Make her cry and sob over her bed? Why? To push a point? To make bedtime even harder than usual? Why bother? She won't be in a crib in middle school, after all.

The bed is a crib again. In yet another illustration of that wise notion about how only YOU know your own child best.

I wonder if children who attend nursery school ever still sleep in a crib?


Donna said...

Yes, only you can decide what is best for your own child, but sometimes it's nice to get opinions/thoughts from people who aren't so close to the situation.

At least you now know (with even more certainty) that the crib wasn't an issue. Good luck with the bedtime woes.

latisha said...

another reason i threw out all the advice and just started the glass-eyed nodded head thing whenever people started the kid talk. a song comes to mind:

only you....