Sunday, August 02, 2009


Hey, all. No, I'm not really going on vacation this summer. Some day I do hope to take a real vacation again--when the economy, our personal finances, and our children's ages/(non-)sleeping habits/traveling (non-)stamina improve--but during these lean years, to me, "vacation" means a Popsicle on the patio, and if I'm lucky, maybe someone to help me with the laundry.

So anyway! I may not be driving north to a cabin on a lake, but in the spirit of a summer getaway, this week I'm going to take an Internet-media vacation. I won't be on Facebook, and I won't be writing here. I probably won't be reading any other blogs, either--I'll miss you, writer-friends!--and I plan to experiment with using all that time for other pursuits: reading print, for example, rather than online. Resting. Truly being with my children rather than distracted by the laptop. Reminding myself what life--and parenting--was like before we had constant, 24/7, easy access to the Internet world, with all its social networking and constant communication and comparing and checking in with others. It wasn't all that long ago, though it feels like eons.

I'll still be on e-mail, because since I'm not leaving town, I still need to be in touch with friends, neighbors, schools, etc., about things going on in my life and my (real-life) community. So if you need me, send me a note. (I'll still get notice of blog comments, too, via e-mail.)

Otherwise, I'll see you in a week, when I'll let you know how things are going in terms of cribs, beds, Genevieve's upcoming birthday, the big preschool question, and everything else.


Christopher Tassava said...

Just to clarify, "personal finances" should be and are pretty low on the list of reasons we're not taking a true vacation this summer. I mean, we would never be able to go to, say, Paris or San Francisco, but a week on the North Shore is within the realm of possibilities. Owing to the girls "non-)sleeping habits/traveling (non-)stamina," however, traveling even that far or staying somewhere unfamiliar does not sound like much fun.

Shan said...

I just meant that most people with our salary, level of student loan payments, and savings-account balance would probably not spend $1,000 for a week-long cabin-stay on the North Shore. And probably wisely so.

Donna said...

Enjoy your break from the online world. Sometimes, it's nice to step back and enjoy what is in front of you. (And maybe it will help in your pursuit of being more patient - (I'm assuming this step is toward that end.))

Look forward to the update next week. Email me if you want to 'talk' about anything.

Shan said...

Actually, I was just getting burned out on blogs and Facebook--it wasn't so much related to any parenting issue. But, of course, anything that helps one "live in the moment" or create more "free time" in one's life will definitely positively impact one's parenting! I'm just kind of tired of reading and writing. So....back next week. :)

latisha said...

hmmm...are you in my head? i wrote a post about this will pop up tomorrow. break break break