Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of School 2009

The short version: no tears (not even from me, since I had too much going on to have time to cry), a lot of excitement, happiness all around. Please everyone take a moment here to heave a great sigh of relief.

Also: Julia was so exhausted from kindergarten that during quiet time I had her take a nap for the first 30-45 minutes. Then I woke her up, told her she could play with her "quiet time activities" in the room until quiet time was over (planning on another 30-45 minutes, maybe more depending on how well everyone was doing and how tired they all seemed). Went back in an hour later (oops! cooking! phone calls! watering the flower beds! going through school forms!) and GUESS WHO WAS TUCKED BACK INTO BED SOUND ASLEEP? With all the toys and books totally undisturbed? Oh boy. I guess kindergarten really WAS tiring!

Here are some cute photos for you all. If you're not a grandma, grandpa, real or honorary auntie, or close friend, you may not find these interesting. But here they are anyway:

We went outside bright and early to wait for the kindergarten school bus.

The school bus is here!

Genevieve in front of her nursery school locker.
Julia wore this same dress for her first preschool orientation in September 2007.

I could not be prouder of my two girls. They both embraced gigantic new experiences today with bravery and enthusiasm. As for me, I did the same.

Plus I was awake and fully dressed/groomed earlier than I have been since my last day of work before going into labor with Julia in 2004. I AM DEAD SERIOUS, PEOPLE.

AND our espresso machine broke (this time REALLY broke) the day before! Now if that's not asking a lot of a mama, I don't know what is. Lord help me, I need to go to Target with Genevieve tomorrow while Julia is at kindergarten, to shop for espresso machines. Because we can't have THIS going on all school year, now can we?


Mnmom said...

How nice, first day of school and all, but THE ESPRESSO MACHINE IS DOWN!!? How are parents supposed to survive that??

Those pictures were darling. Here's what kind of parents we are now: neither of us thought to get photos this morning! Probably because the twins didn't start until noon (the freshman have the HS to themselves the first half day). We've become so complacent.

Shan said...

I think you have more important things on your plate this year than first day of school photos! Particularly with old pros like your girls! ;)

donna said...

"Auntie" Donna loves the pictures. Thanks! (And didn't I tell you that you'd be grateful to be so busy?)

Poor Julia. Kindergarten is a lot of work. Little does she know how much more tired she would have been had it been a full day of school. (I can't believe kindergarten is only half-day there!)

p.s. I've been cold brewing toddy instead of espresso. I like it!