Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moving On

This afternoon after a sunny walk on paved paths around a nearby marsh, I threw the stroller--brought along just in case the three-year-old's legs got tired halfway around--in the back of our SUV and realized with sudden clarity that I've very nearly jumped the divide from one mama demographic to another.

Though I'd like to think it otherwise--and often do, in that oblivious way one sometimes doesn't realize one's own shifts and changes until far past the point when outside observers already have--I'm not really a part of the stroller set any longer.

My kids are walkers now, hikers, dancers, leapers, bikers. The stroller is a safety on longer jaunts, and before too long will be unnecessary altogether. Today Genevieve tripped and fell and scraped her already-scraped knee, and therefore had to ride the rest of the way around the marsh; but mostly? Mostly I've moved beyond that stroller-pushing stage of life, an entire slice of stay-at-home-momhood that means far more than just a means of conveyance. I still see strong, active moms striding down the streets of my town in the middle of the day with joggers or sidewalk strollers, and identify with them. Then I realize they're the me of two, three, and four years ago. They don't identify with me; I've got a kindergartner as of next week, and a toddler who's no longer a baby. I'm in the phase of motherhood they're looking at next. So how come it doesn't really feel like it yet?

Maybe next week, when my five- and three-year-olds are at kindergarten and preschool. Maybe then I'll realize I'm not a member of the stroller mom group anymore. I wonder what's next for me?


Christopher Tassava said...

I hope for
a) some well-deserved rest & relaxation at home during the day,
b) a chance to get in a run or other workout when the girls are away,
c) some time at a coffeeshop, reading or writing.

Among other things.

Mnmom said...

Like I said the other day, I was YOU just a short time ago. Funny how you don't realize it's the last time, until the moment is gone. The last time you use a bib, the last time you read Goodnight Moon, the last sippy cup. But we both have so many FIRSTS to look forward to!

donna said...

You've got so many exciting firsts coming up (for many years ahead) and I look forward to hearing about all of them!!

latisha said...

oh sweet future! in these days im trying not to lose my precious moments wishing for the days you are bout to have. sigh...good luck with your new tribe!