Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Poem Made Up for the Hair. Pretty Much.

As some of you may know, I'm lucky enough to be able to call writer, teacher, and fellow at-home parent Rob Hardy a personal (as well as Internet) friend. He even lives in my town! And has baked me bread. And has the nicest wife. And they invite us to cocktail parties and let us bring our toddlers along. You're envious, aren't you?

Last summer, at the height of one of my hardest periods of parenting thus far (in my family, we like to refer to it as "The Summer Genevieve Cried So Much That Mama Eventually Lost Much of Her Hair From the Stress"), he even wrote a poem for me--now how many people can say that?--and he just got it published! SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME.

Congratulations, Rob! And thank you for writing me a poem. Parenting is hard; having friends who also live and understand the intimate joys and struggles of parenting is invaluable.

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