Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Short Update

Eliminating afternoon nap in favor of a short stint of "quiet time" has definitely been worth it overall--no more bedtime tantrums! Children asleep by 7:30! But I have to say, the period between 4 and 7 p.m. is sort of like the end of the world. High drama, weeping, gnashing of teeth. Oh, the exhausted misery! Wails result if someone glances in the wrong direction or uses the wrong word. Frankly, it's probably a taste of what life will be like in this house in about ten to twelve years. But like I said: still worth it. Even if I don't feel that way at 4.

It occurs to me that I may be doing the not-yet-mothers of the world a disservice by dwelling disproportionately on the trials of parenting small children as opposed to what makes it all worthwhile. For example, I'm pretty sure I'm almost solely responsible for the fact that Lori is terrified of having children. (I'm exaggerating. I don't really have that inflated a view of myself. Really, it's me AND Elise who are responsible.) In an attempt to rectify that a tiny bit, I will now tell you that my girls were so cute and sweet when they got their back-to-school haircuts yesterday at Family Hair that an elderly woman waiting for her appointment felt compelled to tell me how adorable they are. She may have repeated it three or four times. Also, as I type this, they are putting on a show by dancing in the living room to "Rise and Shine" by Raffi. The sweetness could put you into a sugar coma. Lori, I wish you were here.

Lastly, on tap today: Kindergarten Open House. Even though it does not start until 3 p.m., Julia is already dressed in an EXCEEDINGLY fancy hand-me-down Easter dress. She looks like she's going to be a flower girl in a wedding later today.

Pictures and details forthcoming.


donna said...

Glad everything is working out with the nap elimination. So cute that Julia is so excited about school. My daughter wore her nicest dress (that she has access to without an adult) on her first day of school.

When does Genna start school?

And Lori, parenting is an amazing roller coaster. Yes, it's scary and makes you catch your breath, but in the end, it's all smiles. (But, it's also super fun to be the 'cool aunt' too!)

Shan said...

Genevieve and Julia both start next week. The first real day of public school is Tuesday, which is also Genevieve's preschool orientation (a shortened day with parents there for part of the time). On Thursday G. has her first real day of preschool for the full 2-1/2 hours and without me there.

Lori said...

Ha! They DO look so cute.

I do sometimes read your blog with wide eyes and my hands over my mouth, like "No! It can't be! No more scraming!"

For real, it is a scary decision. Mostly because you guys all seem very maternal and like you always wanted this, and if you're still saying how hard it is, it makes me think it will crush me. The tantrums! The lack of reason and sleep!

I am already bugging out just considering it, and yet-- the cuteness! The fun experiences! I'd probably be sad if I missed those.

I need to find a good nanny, and/ or a surrogate. Shannon, any interest? :)

I made myself laugh.

Shan said...

Lori, here's what you need to remember: We mainly blog the crazy, OMG-level, overly dramatic moments of parenting. Otherwise mommy-blogs would be sooooo boring. ;) You hear the WORST. By far.

Now do you feel better?