Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry I Don't Have a Picture of the Pizza.

Yesterday I spent the entire Quiet Time, and then some, making a needlessly complicated and time-consuming recipe for dinner just because I happened to see it in a magazine that morning and it looked like something my kids would like and it called for tons of vegetables and we were swimming in farm produce, having just picked up our CSA share on Friday afternoon. It was like a pizza, only it was rectangular and had a giant crust with the perimeter stuffed with cheese* and hand-crimped shut, and the middle was piled high with six kinds of vegetables that I had sauteed in two batches in a skillet on the stove. The crust was homemade, and not the no-rise, quick-making kind, either, but the regular homemade dough that requires kneading for eight minutes and rising for an hour in a warm place and punching down and rolling out and all that. I used homemade roasted tomato puree from our freezer for the sauce. It was basically a veggie pizza. That took half a day to make.

So anyway, after all that labor Julia woke up from her nap and proceeded to throw a giant fit of disobedient sass--not to mention tears, screaming, and foot-stomping--in my direction, the kind that makes me wonder what the teenage years are going to be like if she's already, at five years old, saying things like, "NO! I am NOT doing what you say, I am doing what I want, I am NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMORE!" and then pushing past me to do exactly what I just forbade her to do.

Later on, after a visit to an alpaca farm and a romp in the lovely, windy, autumnal countryside, we sat down to eat the dinner I spent half the day making beforehand, and she said, "You've outdone yourself, compliments to the chef, and this is the BEST DINNER EVER."

So she sorta fixed it in the end.

*[Edited to add: I feel compelled to note, for anyone who might decide to try this recipe, that I used less than half the listed amount of cheese--the recipe called for 4 cups and I used 1-3/4 cups--and the pie turned out perfectly delicious.]


Christopher Tassava said...

I must add that this pizza was the best pizza I've ever had in my life of eating lots of pizza. Hands down. (Compliments to the chef!)

donna said...

Ha! You should have just titled this "No, Donna, I don't have a picture of the pizza 'cause I know YOU are going to ask."