Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well? Was it the Right Decision?

Oh my goodness, cutest baby girl in the universe, if I do say so myself.

For those of you who have followed along during the whole decision-making saga, Genevieve went happily right into preschool this morning for her first "real" day (on Tuesday it was a short session with parents there for part of the time, so today was the bigger test), not a tear or a wobble or a chin-quiver in sight. Gave me a big grin, a kiss and hug goodbye, and sat right down to do the puzzles her teacher had put out especially for her. Came running over to Julia and me upon pick-up, beaming with excitement and pride, saying, "We-cool [Preschool] is FUN!" And got mad when Julia mentioned at lunchtime that SHE gets to attend kindergarten every day, but preschool is only twice per week.

Genevieve has always kept me guessing, has been a mix of contradictions all along--willful and clingy, independent and babyish, confident and shy. But in the end she started preschool as if she were made for it, despite being the second-youngest in the class (there are a couple of children nearly a full year older than she is; one classmate turned four yesterday). She knows that school well; she learned to love it through Julia's attendance there the past two years. She was ready to be there today.

I guess I DID know, deep down in my heart, what to do about preschool.


Nonna said...

Good job, sweet Genna Rose! You have conquered crabby bedtimes and Mom's preschool worries. Next up: letting Daddy get out his magic wand again to get rid of your crib??!!

Shan said...

Nonna you must have ESP. A few moments ago Genevieve insisted her crib be changed into a toddler bed, because she's a big girl now, who goes to preschool.

donna said...


(One thing that is ever obvious about Genna is that she will do things on her own agenda. She is so much like my own daughter.)

Shan said...

Oops--spoke too soon. As soon as the lights were out, she began crying for her crib. She's back in a crib. Where she'll probably stay until kindergarten; but heck, I don't care! As long as she's sleeping!

Mnmom said...

YAY for G!
YAY for preschool!
YAY for sleeping at night, even if she's sleeping in the bathtub!!

Christopher Tassava said...

God, she's cute! I love the way her bag almost reaches the ground!