Saturday, October 03, 2009

Homework Update

I would be remiss if I did not come back here to add that I've now had time to really examine Julia's kindergarten homework assignments for the weekend, and they involve exercises like learning how to hold a book correctly, how to distinguish a book's front cover from its back cover, and how to turn pages one at a time. Excuse me while I fall on the floor in shock.

Needless to say, Julia's known these things since she was 18 months old. And yes, it is sobering to consider the fact that this would not be a kindergarten task if there weren't some five-year-olds who have had no experience paging through books. (Sad.) I can't decided if I should be happy that HOMEWORK IN KINDERGARTEN (seems so wrong!) is so very easy, and therefore simple to complete and be done with, or annoyed that, since Julia already knows this stuff, the homework tasks are really just one more thing to add to my own to-do list (since a parent has to do the assignments with her, and sign off on them).

Thankfully, Julia does NOT know how to read yet. Therefore, she has something new to learn this year (and to work on, as homework)!


Mnmom said...

That's only the beginning. Pretty soon you'll be knee deep in the world of "projects" that involve foam core and glue and nails and things from the art store. I hate the assignments that require I be at their side for over an hour. And yes, it's so very sad that some kids come to school to ill-prepared. It's a crime that people would have a child and neglect them.

latisha said...

meanial tasks...see the dependency created by society to lists and meaningless administrative tasks already starting at 5. i can't imagine a 5 year old not knowing that already...i'd laugh my butt off if i saw those assignments.

have fun!