Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Less-Than-Impressive Parenting Directives

Parenting quote of the day:

Me (to the girls, who are squabbling over something or other): Julia, calm down! Genevieve loves to act naughty like that because you get so upset and she thinks it's funny to bother you. So Julia, try not to be so bothered, and Genevieve, try not to act so naughty.


Mnmom said...

You are probably the 10,675,368th parent to say that in one day. My Mom used to just make us sit on opposite sides of the room. I'm constantly reminding someone here not to "take the bait".


donna said...

I am laughing out loud!!! My daughter also does things just to be naughty to my son so I KNOW this scenario! And it's all about teaching G not to be so naughty because it's mean and to teach J how to deal with and not 'reward' G for that naughtiness. *sigh*