Monday, October 19, 2009

Notes on Genevieve at 38 Months


Is it wrong of me to want autumn to last forever so I can keep hearing Genevieve pronounce my favorite fall dessert as "apple CRIP"? I love it.


Genevieve continues to refuse to give up her crib. As my friend Margaret says, with this child, who cares if she's sleeping in the bathtub, as long as she's sleeping! Margaret is right, but even so, every now and then I ask Genevieve when she's going to sleep in a toddler bed. The other day she said, "When I'm FIVE!" I told her that was impossible, so she reluctantly negotiated down to four.

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Donna said...

I agree with Margaret - leave her in her crib as long as she wants to (esp since you aren't having any more kids!). Genevieve is certainly her own person. When she's ready for a bigger bed, she'll let you know in no uncertain terms.

p.s. Apple Crip tastes good all year 'round. :) In fact, it might even taste better than apple crisp.