Monday, October 19, 2009

Relaxation Recap

Overall, we had a great school break. The girls had last Thursday and Friday off from school, so we had a four-day weekend. I've decided that I love school vacations as a stay-at-home mom almost as much as I loved them as a kid. Which is kind of funny, when you think about it, because school vacation for me now means not less work but more, since I'm with the children all day. But the benefits of not having to get up early, deal with the hellish school-morning getting-ready routine, and go in and out for school drop-offs and pick-ups more than make up for the lack of childcare breaks. It was wonderful to just relax and not have a serious agenda on those two weekdays.

On Thursday we really packed in the fun. The girls slept 40 minutes later than usual, then we stayed in our pj's as long as we wanted, watched PBS Kids cartoons, took a bubble bath in the big spa tub, read stories in the king-sized bed admidst all the blankets and pillows, went for a walk in the rain with the girls' new miniature umbrellas, made paintings with Matchbox cars, cooked homemade applesauce, and made apple-cinnamon pancakes for lunch. We all had an awesome day.

Then Friday came, and everyone argued and bickered and fussed and cried all day long. Of course.

Over the weekend, we went for bike rides and walks, scored art supplies and children's ice skates at some friends' yard sale, read library books, and visited our favorite pumpkin patch/farm, so the break ended on a high note. Now it's Monday, so we're back to the usual routine. In the next few weeks we've got school conferences, Halloween, volunteer work, the preschool family fun festival, my book trip to Chicago, and surely five or ten more things I'm forgetting, so you can bet that by the time my girls' Thanksgiving school break comes around I'll be more than ready for round two of school-vacation relaxation.

Stories in the big bed, anyone?

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Donna said...

(Except for Friday) Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing long weekend. Sometimes, the best plan is not to have a plan. Down time is very good. And bubble baths? Few things are better!

It's nice to see annual pics of the girls at the pumpkin patch, too.