Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Favors, Blessings, and Pains in the...

So, Julia has a minor stomach bug. Other than a mild cold, she has not really been sick all autumn, and, sadly, this little virus chose to strike the very day we were set to host a kindergarten-friend playdate, for the very first time. Yes, I overcame my natural impulses toward social laziness and introversion, called up a mom I don't know, and invited her and her daughter over to our house to play, all because Julia talks about this little girl all the time and I kind of figured maybe I should do something about the fact that Julia has no friends from school.

Of course, that playdate has been rescheduled, and Julia is heartbroken. However, copious amounts of PBS Kids, plus Cinderella on videotape, is helping her get over her disappointment. Also the fact that a local friend, reading my complaints on Facebook, just dropped off an entire grocery bag full of games, books, finger puppets, and puzzles that her son has outgrown, for my homebound daughters' entertainment--and my sanity--today. Can you imagine? This is not even a close friend, but rather a fellow local mom, a kind acquaintance, someone who takes that adage "It takes a village...." seriously. This Thanksgiving week, I'm thankful for her and this extraordinarily kind gesture.

Overall, it's fair to say I'm very thankful for the blessings in my life. And, to be honest, I'm extremely thankful to not be going on a 300-mile road trip for Thanksgiving this year, the experience of which I find torturous given the fact that my children neither sleep in the car nor sleep well at other people's houses nor refrain from whining about being in the car from miles 3 to 300 on such road trips. GAH, ARGH, UGH, torture.

So, I'm thankful. I am. But, I volunteered at Genevieve's preschool yesterday morning and I am currently beset with frustration and weariness over her current separation anxiety and the way she cries every morning about going to nursery school. She does not like it there anymore, which is really making things difficult. I'm also weary of how she cries at the idea of going anywhere without me or Christopher (especially me), how she can't be dropped off for playdates or birthday parties anywhere even if Julia is with her, even if she's with my closest friend who has known her since the day she was born, and how the only place she wants to be is by my side or on my hip. It's not that I'm tired of her presence, but rather that I worry about how she's making her own life difficult with her sadness and anxiety. And how that makes things hard for me, too, because of course I worry about her and don't like to leave her at school if she feels sad and lonely there.

In TOTALLY unrelated, and possibly too-much-information news, I have been stricken with utterly mysterious tailbone pain. No, I have not fallen on my tailbone recently. I either have cancer of the tailbone, or I am an old decrepit lady who now develops random debilitating aches and pains without discernible cause, simply to make my life all the more interesting. Go, me. (Note: I really don't need my life to be more interesting.) Anyone with any insight into myterious sudden tailbone pain is free to enlighten me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Also, wishing a pain-free tailbone to you all.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter sounds much like mine was as a small girl. I left her sobbing in line every day for 2 months when she started kindergarten. I found a book, called "Raising Your Spirited Child" which absolutely saved my LIFE. It explained many things about my daughter at the time. Now she is 16,which brings a whole new set of issues, but - that's another story!

Question said...

What a lovely gesture by your FB pal. I'm hoping that the new toys help J to feel better and be ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

When Schmugly went off to pre-school (with her sisters), she showed her separation anxiety by shutting down. She is a bit of a shy kid anyway. She wouldn't ask to use the bathroom (went undies) and had a hard time making friends. My SIL had Oatmeal help her a little more and then we went to Disney, which seems to have really helped to build her self-confidence. I know that G. doesn't have a sister to rely on, but does she have a buddy that can help her feel more comfortable?

And even though I'm full of anxiety about my next doctor appointment, I too am grateful for much of my life: J, friends, family, and more.

Mnmom said...

Separation Anxiety stinks, but she really will grow out of it. It comes and goes, and with each month of maturity she'll learn to deal. Our 10-year-old still deals with it from time to time - I chalk it up to my bout with cancer when she was three. Even though we love them to pieces, they can make us crazy.

I think you're having literal "pain in the butt" pain. Do you see the connection??

Anonymous said...

You might have the doc check for a cyst on your tailbone. I had one of those. I thought I had fallen or something (but couldn't remember doing so) and ended up having a cyst that had to be removed. Quite common I found out.