Sunday, November 01, 2009

Obligatory Halloween Photos for Grandparents & Devoted Others

It was cold here yesterday (as it often is for Halloween), so when I discovered Genevieve's old bumblebee costume in the back of the nursery closet early in the day--a puffy, fuzzy pullover the weight and thickness of a winter jacket and sporting a hood, though with no sleeves--I thought it would be a warmer option than the jack o'lantern and fairy costumes she had been considering earlier. (We have a lot of dress-up clothes, passed on from a friend with older kids, as well as a few hand-me-down costumes from cousins; nothing fancy in the least, but a few different options.) Lucky for me, Genevieve agreed.

Did I mention the tag on the bumblebee costume says 12-24 months? And that she wore it the year she was ONE? (Remember all that talk from me last summer about how Genevieve seemed too little to start preschool?)

Good thing she liked it better this Halloween than she did two years ago. Does everyone remember this?

Halloween 2007, ages 1 and 3

Two years later, though she's often surly and screaming, it's no longer when wearing a fuzzy bee costume and preparing to go procure copious amounts of candy.

Halloween 2009, ages 3 and 5

Bumblebee and fairy

And isn't Julia a precious little fairy? She was mistaken for a butterfly at many houses--I guess because she was with a bee--but she took it in stride. And, thanks to a friend's reminder that fairy dust makes winter clothing invisible, she tolerated the necessary parka, hood, and mittens that must accompany a fairy costume when you trick-or-treat in Minnesota with nary a tear. (Thanks, Laura! She TOTALLY BELIEVED IT.)

I just have to say that, walking behind my little trick-or-treaters and seeing their tiny fuzzy and beskirted bottoms toddling down the sidewalk with wings flapping and stinger bobbing, looking so unbelievably toddlerish still--honestly, they're so small and little still, they really are, especially when you see them beside mobs of rowdy grade-schoolers with light sabers and face paint--well, it made me want them to be three and five forever. They're just babies! And yet--they're already three and five.

I didn't envy our neighbor who just came home from the hospital last night with a newborn, though. Not the slightest bit. So there's that.

Hope you had a sweet, sweet Halloween! Onward, to November and my book trip and the holidays!


Donna said...

So sweet! So cute!

I think costume mistakes are common when the kids are toddlers/young children, mostly because the adult perspective of looking down at a kid who is holding a bag for candy - doesn't allow the adult to see the intricacies of the costume (like J's dress) and only see the largest part of the costume (like J's wings) because they are so little (yes, they are still babies!!). Julia is a great kid to have taken it in stride. :)

Donna said...

I forgot to mention that I love the comparison photos! Amazing how much they have changed and grown, huh?

Mnmom said...

I love the photos!!
We had some darned cute kids come to our door, but no bumblebee or fairy this year.
You'd be so proud - I even had candy and lit pumpkins ready even though we were knee-deep in boxes.

Shan said...

Oh Mnmom, do you know we PURPOSELY left you alone that night, assuming you were in the midst of moving from one house to the next?! Now I wish we'd tried anyway. :( We did have fun though, and we did think about you. (We were also home within 1 hour and the girls were in bed before 7:30.)