Monday, November 23, 2009

Stay-at-Home Mom to the Rescue

I was recently overtaken by some sort of alternate personality that might be labeled something like, "Reasonable, Nice Person Who Does Favors For Others," causing me to say yes when a working-mom friend of mine with a sudden daycare crisis asked me if I could watch her four-year-old son (a friend of my daughters') for the day today. I KNOW. Me! I can barely manage my own two! And here I am taking on an extra toddler for the majority of the day. Which also guarantees that there will be no "nap/quiet time" break today. (He won't nap here, and if he's not napping, my girls definitely won't agree to sequester themselves in their beds while their buddy is up playing with toys.)

I'm a little (lot) scared.

I'll get back to you later, when I'm back to two children and my normal every-mama-for-herself state of being.

On the other hand, this must be good karma. Right?


anne said...

Hi: As a fellow stay at home mama, I have to say I think this is good. It will be a bit of work, but your kids are getting to the age where a playmate makes less work (occupied kids!) than more work. AND, the big, big bonus is you can now ask that family for some kid-watching time. I know you often state that you wish you had grandparents in town, but friends can serve the same purpose if the asking is done with respect and appreciation of the work involved. I hope it goes smoothly. anne

Shan said...

Anne--so far, so good! You make good points, too.

Mnmom said...

If nothing else, you'll be relieved the next day to be back to YOUR two.

And Anne is right, there comes an age when having a playdate is easier than not.

You need to do this more often. My SAHM friends and I watched each other's kids all the time.

marion said...

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