Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Took a Village

At this end of the calendar year, I can't help but be a little reflective about the past 12 months. 2009 was a fantastic year in some respects (the book! THE BOOK! Also kindergarten, the CSA farm, and did I mention the book?), but it had its major low points as well (public social-media marital bickering, crushing insomnia, the endless preschool-or-no-preschool question, and SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR IN THE HALLWAY OUTSIDE THE NURSERY, oh God, the horror).

There were a lot of times I thought I might just crumble into a weepy pile of mothering housewifely nerves, save for the friendship and love of some pretty amazing people. And I just want to formally thank them all for helping me get through 2009 with my sanity (mostly) intact and my pulse (relatively) normal. Some are fellow moms I talk to nearly every day and who help me through the nitty-gritty of daily parenting, some are townie friends I rarely see in real life but who unfailingly stand behind me in everything I do and leave supportive comments and blogging-love for me via the Internet on a regular basis. One is a long-ago friend who tracked me down after 25 years, looked me up, and for some reason cared enough to read me, write me, and send me care packages through the mail; one is an Internet friend-of-a-friend who I have never even met in real life but who has sent me late-night and early-morning Facebook messages saying things like, "You are right" and "You can do it" and "I have felt that exact same way" at times when I could have cried with gratitude for such words. Sometimes I actually did. And, amazingly, some of the biggest and best supporters in my SAHM life are women who have never been mothers and yet feel like--surely are--friends to the end.

For fear of leaving someone out and unwittingly hurting feelings, I'm not going to name names; but if you think I might be talking to you, well--I am. I can't imagine what I've ever done to deserve any of you, but I thank you for being there for me. In the notorious words of Miss Kelly Clarkson--and the cast of "Glee": my life would suck without you.


Mnmom said...

Right back atcha!!!

Mary said...

I am sure that parenting is hard! Shan, I have always thought that your comments on my blog are encouraging and So sweet. I am really hoping for 2010 to be a wonderful year for you and filled with true Joy and success. You deserve it! I will stop by more often too! :)

Donna said...

2009 will be known as the year of your first book. We won't mention the rest. :)

I'm glad to still be in touch with you after all these years.

Maybe 2010 will be the year we see each other again!