Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Do A Few Projects...

Yesterday after nap Julia was playing house with her doll, a grade-school-aged stuffed cloth doll with various kid outfits and accessories. As she changed the doll's clothes, she said to me nonchalantly, "My daughter is five. She goes to kindergarten. I work half-days, you know? And on Wednesdays I come home early!" (Wednesdays are Julia's real-life "early-release days," the day of the week when all the school-kids in our town get out a half-hour early so the teachers can do professional training.)

"That sounds perfect!" I told her. "You're lucky. I know an awful lot of moms who would love to find a job like that."

"Yeah," Julia said contentedly. She busied herself with her doll for a few minutes and then paused, glancing over at me conversationally and tipping her palms upward. "I just...go to work in the morning..." And here her voice took on a casual, singsong tone: "You know, do a few projects...have a snack...and then I leave!" She sighed and smiled, and got busy preparing her doll's toys and snacks.

I was left thinking, Now there's a job I could get behind. Doesn't it sound perfect? Go in, do a few projects--this part sounds so easy and enjoyable, doesn't it? As if the projects involve glitter and glue? or a little writing project with pencil and lined paper?--have a tasty snack, and go home by lunch, even earlier on Wednesdays? Ample time to balance work and family? With PAY?

Awesome. Save me a spot at that job, will you? In about fall 2011?


Mnmom said...

I wanna work there too! And I want hot glue, paint, construction paper, and maybe some clay. With plenty of coffee and hot chocolate. And other women to gab with!!!!

Shan said...

Come to think of it, that job sounds an awful lot like KINDERGARTEN, doesn't it?! ;)

Donna said...

When my kids talk about their impressions/thoughts of what I do at work, I always crack up.

Once, my son had to come to my office so my husband could go to the ER (broken foot). I set him up on a computer and he watched some tv online. After awhile, he got bored and said, "your work is so boring, Mom!" (If only he knew!)