Friday, December 11, 2009

Does Santa Deliver Sleep Medication?

I'm off this morning to help Julia's class of kindergartners make gingerbread houses. You can say a prayer for me if you like. What do you get when you mix 22 five-year-olds with gingerbread walls, icing, and copious amounts of candy decorations? I'll let you know when I find out. I'm hoping the answer isn't "Behavior that would give Santa pause."

Speaking of behavior that would give Santa pause, we haven't talked about Genevieve and sleep for quite a long time. I suppose maybe you were assuming that's because the issue is all wrapped up. Oh, but you'd be so wrong! Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you now with stories of needed naps, bedtime tantrums, and the strange toddler math involving too little sleep and that weird wired state that keeps them up until all hours even though they're exhausted. That's always nice.
Before you kindly steer me toward all the sleep books and sleep experts and sleep studies, please know that I have all that stuff practically memorized. Believe me on this one. I do know what I'm supposed to do with my toddler regarding sleep. She just refuses to comply even when I follow all the rules.

Well then! In other news, my folks arrive today for a mid-holidays visit, which shall include a preschool pancake breakfast with Santa, our town's youth choirs' Christmas concert, a drive around town to see all the lights, and no doubt a good deal of treat-eating, sledding, and cocoa-drinking. Because it is Christmas, after all.

But seriously? Wish me luck with the kindergartners and the gingerbread houses. Gulp.


Mnmom said...

You have ALL my sympathy.

As good Moms, we volunteer and show up all cheery for the kindergarten craft projects. But seriously, that stuff always made me want to stick an ice pick in my eye!! All that chaos and noise!! After each and every elem school event I needed a tylenol.

The sleep issue - I was there too. Twin #2 was NEVER a good sleeper until about age 7 or so. I think they are just wound up little personality types. They don't want to miss one single second of life. Which is all well and good when they are 26 but will KILL their parents. Do the every other night thing, so each of you are getting a full night's sleep every other night. Run a floor fan when it's your turn to sleep so you can't hear the shenanigans. The "on-duty" parent sleeps on the guest bed. No sense in both of you suffering every single night when one will do.

When you have guests, the on-duty parent sleeps on an air mattress on her floor or in the hallway or the loft.

What does this do to your marital relations?? WHAT?? You have young kids!! You'll never have private time with your spouse for another 6 years at least!!!!

Aylin-Melissa said...

oh noooooooooooo :( first I read your comment then Mnmom says "until age 7" now I lost all my hope :(((

my 2 year old hates sleeping
and I read so many books

"I do know what I'm supposed to do with my toddler regarding sleep. She just refuses to comply even when I follow all the rules."
me too

Happy holidays....

Donna said...

I know G's sleeping got better once you dropped her naps, and I was hoping things stayed better after she got used to not having a nap. *sigh*

On the up-side, G has such resolve, she'll be successful at whatever she wants to do for the rest of her life.

That is, if she survives that long. :) (To Anonymous: KIDDING!)