Sunday, December 13, 2009

Note to Anonymous

To the anonymous commenter who left the remark (which I chose to disallow) basically calling me a bad parent for my post below: You obviously neither understand my sense of humor nor do you seem to have the sensibility required to read a "mommy-blog," so you probably should not visit here again. You are not likely to ever get one of your comments published here, and you clearly don't understand what it's like to parent a tantrummy three-year-old. Anyone who knows me knows that I work really hard every single day to be a good parent to two extremely high-maintenance (each in her own way) daughters, including one exceedingly willful and surly toddler, and that if I didn't joke about it now and then, I'd probably be unable to perform the job of all-day, full-time, no-outside-help, stay-at-home mom. I've got many deficits as a mama, but a lack of love and compassion is not one of them. I do my very best, which--because your mean-spirited comment says a lot about you--I can only assume is a heck of a lot better than yours.

Anyone who reacts with self-righteous criticism to a harried mom's use of sarcasm and humor to manage the stress and strain of full-time mothering MAKES ME SICK. So therefore? You can just go ahead and bite me.


Mnmom said...

Damn straight. Then after that, send them over to MY house and I'll set them straight again.

Who in the world would criticize an out-numbered Mom who loves her kids so much it hurts, gives them all her time and energy, meets their every single need and most of their wants, and fills their life with play, good food, and love?

Scrooge lives.

And by the way, your headline to the blog below is being QUOTED at our house by parents and kids alike because it's so darn true.

Mom and Kiddo said...

And ANONYMOUS (always a indicator of a sense of shame if you chose to hide behind "anonymous") can also bite me.