Monday, December 28, 2009

The Stains Came Out, By the Way.

We've been busy since the last time you heard from me, which is why I haven't really been writing. Would you like details? Or, at the very least, a short summary?

Well, let me tell you.

First, it snowed. A lot.

My girls were super-cute all dressed up for the Family Vespers service at our friends' church on Christmas Eve. (I know you've seen this before. But they're just so cute. And no one's crying!)

We ate hors-d'oeuvres for dinner on Christmas Eve. Then I spilled a glass of red wine on myself, including my white sweater, my jersey wrap dress, and the couch, and spent the next half-hour grappling with a laundry detergent-hydrogen peroxide mixture and several paper towels. Sigh. Eye roll. Sigh.

Everyone liked their presents.

Especially me, because Julia gave me a paper heart with "I love you, Mama" written on it and colored pink, cut out and packaged in a toy basket, covered with a dolly blanket as wrapping paper.

Of course we've been doing a lot of sledding and playing in the snow.

And enjoying wintry views like these.

Not pictured: excessive cheesecake and cookie consumption; multiple bedtime tantrums; beloved friends who came for Christmas dinner; me accidentally going down the steep and super-icy sledding hill BACKWARD when my sled did a 180, while my husband fell over laughing and I screamed at the top of my lungs; giant snowman in our backyard; me lying around reading magazines for an entire day after risking my life running five miles on glare ice and deciding that lethargy is underrated.

Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours, and also that you are still in the midst of holiday fun, because remember: it's not over until January 2. If then.


Mnmom said...

Isn't winter break fun? And you need all those wine/cheesecake calories to survive playing in the snow. Otherwise you'd waste away from hypothermia and starvation like the Donner party.

And spilling things on white clothing? That's MY job!

Shan said...

Mnmom: yes, it sure is fun. So much fun it seems reason enough to me to remain a stay-at-home mom for the rest of my girls' childhoods if only to be able to spend all of Xmas vacation at home with them (and NOT to have to cobble together some crazy childcare arrangement while they're off school but I'm going to an office somewhere). Also, I hate for my relatives to hear it, but I seriously doubt I'm going to ever want to go anywhere else for the holidays ever again. There is something SO magical and relaxing about having your kids wake up on Christmas morning at your own house, to their own stockings on your own fireplace mantel after all of you have slept in your own beds. I may be a convert after this year.

Mom/Nonna said...

Well, believe it or not, this grandma understands how you feel and any decision in future years will certainly be respected by us. We were lucky to have our Christmases at our home for many, many years. I wouldn't have enjoyed packing the three of you up with all your gear and presents and driving away either! And given where we live and the omnipresent threat of bad weather and worse roads -- who could blame you??!! As long as we can plan an early get-together like we did this year, we'll do fine! (And even that will surely be derailed at some time by weather!) Such is life in Minnesota!

Donna said...

Your mom rocks.

And congratulations on getting the stains out!