Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

You know your Friday is off to a bad start when the snowplows interrupt your sleep long before the alarm goes off, and once you've gotten dressed you decide to change out of your jeans into yoga pants because your jeans are too tight from that extra five pounds you gained over the holidays (tacked onto the previous five or so pounds you gained because, uh, you're no longer nursing or carrying babies on your hip every waking hour).

Which is one way of noting that those four pounds I lost last weekend when I shocked my body with a Goodbye, holidays! cookie and eggnog moratorium have bounced right back like one of those old-fashioned toys involving a rubber ball, an elastic string, and a paddle--do you remember those?


How is it even possible to survive winter in the far north, with its high temps of zero and its dangerously cold windchills, without spending one's evenings huddled in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and eating carbs? Huh? Is it even possible? Aren't we programmed to crave--and ingest--lots of fattening carbohydrates during weather like this? Seriously, do you feel like a fresh cool salad and an invigorating five-mile run in the middle of January, when the sun glints off the snow and ice so sharply it feels a little like a weapon, and the wind really is one? Aren't you finding yourself, instead, eating half a bag of pretzels and chasing it with several handfuls of Hershey's kisses? I am.

Ugh--so depressing.

In other news, I have nothing to say. Nothing. There is nothing going on here other than weight gain and school runs. New episodes of "Glee" are over until April. Insomnia comes and goes. Christmas money is paying for groceries and staving off money-related panic attacks (for now). I'm reading a book about writing a book proposal, and noting that there are a discouraging number of "stay-at-home mom survival guides" in publication already. I'm cooking a lot of chilis and stews and big pots of soup. Accompanied by lovely, comforting carbs, of course. Genevieve still sleeps in a crib (but she's stopped crying at nursery school). Julia can read, write like a 2nd-grader, and draw pictures better than some adults I know. Her thyroid tests have been mixed and inconclusive, and require further testing in several weeks.

What's new with you? Anyone?

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Mnmom said...

See my blog - we're on the same page my dear!

And explain this - I get a stomach bug thursday night, haven't eaten anything of note since, and my jeans won't button.