Sunday, January 24, 2010


For atypical reasons relating to Christopher attending visitors' days at both our daughters' schools last week (freeing me from school runs on two consecutive days), I did not leave my house (other than to meet the kindergarten bus and to go running) from Tuesday to, um....I haven't yet.

I recently began making Christopher take the girls to toddler tumbling on Friday nights, as opposed to trading off weeks like we did in the fall, because, Friday night I have less than an ounce of kid-activity energy left, which is not enough to go to toddler tumbling. It's just not. I've been using my preschool mornings to work on book proposal research at home rather than run errands, and for a couple of days last week I did not have access to a car, since Christopher needed to drive because of the non-bike-friendly ice and the daytime school events.

In other words, I'm on my fifth straight day of old and faded loungewear. Which may be why I finally cashed in two Gap Visa reward cards yesterday and ordered some new yoga pants and camis from Old Navy--nothing fancy, just some basics to replace the well-worn comfort-wear I usually wear in these situations. Because if you're going to be a sloppy stay-at-home mom--and some weeks, of course you are! It's one of the perks of the job!--you may as well have some stay-at-home clothes that flatter your rear end. Am I right?


Mnmom said...

I remember some nights when I would have scraped moldy grout if it meant I could have one hour without the kids. You just get tapped out!

Donna said...

Totally deserved! Few things makes you feel like crap worse than wearing worn-out clothing.

Don't get me wrong, soft, worn-out clothing has it's place. But you need to have comfort clothing and COMFORT clothing.

Shan said...

Best of all--I only had to pay $12 out of pocket b/c of the rewards cards I had! Awesome.