Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Am Warning You, 2010: You'd Better Improve, FAST.

People. My furnace went out again yesterday. Yes, even though it just went out (and was "fixed") in mid-December, and even though after that happened we paid a hefty sum of money for a full furnace check-up/tune-up/inspection and were told everything was A-OK. Nice. Oh! Did I mention? We paid another hefty sum of money last night to have a furnace repair guy come out after-hours to attend to the broken furnace, and this morning it is clearly not working correctly anyway. MY TOES ARE COLD, PEOPLE. ALSO THE REST OF MY BODY.

Have I mentioned the blanket, and the crying, and the tantrums, and the nonstop fussing and yelling and screaming?

Excuse me for a moment while I scream, punch a few pillows, and fantasize about escaping my current existence for a vacation in a warm place where life is carefree and no one is crying about the blanket. Or, at the very least, for some sort of legal but effective artificial substance that would somehow eradicate stress and propel me into Magical Happy Land. Oh, it would also have to be free, because I am now broke from paying the heating company all my money FOR NOTHING. And please, no doctor visits in order to obtain a prescription. Those cost money, remember?

Send all suggestions my way.


Mnmom said...

As soon as I find one, I'll call.
If it gets any colder, you are all welcome to bed down at our place. It's tiny but the heat is on! and it's free!

Mom said...

I would definitely be discussing the immediate lowering, if not cancellation, of my bill from the furnace repair people until the heat is working as it should. Once again, the really good thing about this is that you don't live in Haiti.

Shan said...

Yes, hopefully it goes without saying that we ALL have trivial problems when compared to the island of Haiti.