Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Could Use a Lemon Square Right Now, Actually.

Fave writer Catherine Newman writes hilariously--and perfectly--about New Year's resolutions within the context of her latest cooking column about lemon squares, over at The part about Michael resolving to not worry about too-short pieces of dental floss? OMG so funny. That part about "also not a resolution"? I can just picture the exasperated exhalation of breath, the furrowed brow.

But, you know, aside from the yummy lemon squares recipe--which, by the way, is pretty much exactly the same as mine, and which are called lemon BARS where I'm from--I also love the goals Catherine lists as continually challenging: greater patience, not comparing one's self to others, gratitude, being satisfied with less. All things I struggle with daily.

Well, anyway. While I'm sitting here grimly resolving to run even when it's .6 degree above zero outside, to stop using sugar as my personal savior, to snap at my daughters less, to be grateful for what I have (even if it does not involve yearly vacations, a second vehicle, or the ability to grocery-shop without worrying about also paying the car insurance premium this month), to be satisfied with less, click here to read Catherine's column. It'll distract you from the frigid weather and the slushy boots and the bills and the dieting.

Uh....lemon squares, anyone? (Wait a minute: would lemon squares fall under the heading of using sugar as my personal savior?)


Mnmom said...

Yep, those would be lemon BARS.
I fail at resolutions usually, so I'm always hesitant to claim them.
Here are a few I'm working on:
1. Maintain my new simpler life
2. Lose some f-ing weight
3. Walk more
4. Practice more patience with my kids

Donna said...

They're called lemon bars here, too. Stay warm!