Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Could Write a TV Show About Parenting. Really, I Could.

Way back in 1989, long, long before I knew or cared a bit about such things as how to discipline a whiny five-year-old, the potential minefield of preschool snack, or being the mom in pajamas at the school bus stop, Ron Howard made a sweet, poignant, funny movie called "Parenthood." It was so sweet and poignant and funny that I loved it, and remembered it long after, even though I was only eighteen at the time it was released. Wait, did I say eighteen? I meant four. Anyway!

In March, NBC is debuting a new series based on the movie "Parenthood" and starring (among many others) my favorite fast-talking TV mom, Lauren Graham of "Gilmore Girls" fame. I have a feeling my friends and I are going to like it. I mean, the trailer clip where the mom quips, "Good parenting!" in response to her husband's promise of ice cream to convince their child to brave his T-ball game ("double scoop! triple scoop!")? Who can't relate to desperate bribery-related parenting tactics? We've all been there, and if we haven't yet, we will--soon.

I hope this series is as sweet, funny, and poignant as it looks. And as parenting in real life actually is. I hope they include at least one episode about sleeping on the floor in the hall outside the nursery.


Tanya said...

Can't wait!!! Being a big GG fan, I'm glad to see her back on a series.


Donna said...

I know! I am so looking forward to this! I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan, too!

Mnmom said...

I could co-write - after reffing today's fight between a 16-yr-old and a ten-year-old over a headband that somehow ended with both of them hating ME! And about staying up until 11pm last night getting a supper ready that they'll all three complain about, and the other 16-year-old that just walked in and asked for yet another check for school activities (only $80 this time! ONLY!). Yeah, I could write it. But I can't pull it off like the stars - I have no stylist or wardrobe consultant.