Monday, January 04, 2010

I Need to Earn Some Money, for One Thing.

My girls go back to kindergarten and nursery school, and Christopher goes back to work, this week. While it's been a lot of fun having time off, and spending it by combining a no-schedule laziness with tons of extra family-fun activities (sledding, skating, playdates, dinners with friends, playing in the snow), I agree with a friend of mine who noted this morning that getting back to a routine will be good for all of us. I mean, it didn't really seem that way at dark o'clock when I woke up the girls, nor when the bus stop awaited us at 7:50 a.m. with 25-below-zero windchills, but really, it will be good. I mean, even as I type this, I've already done laundry, dropped Christopher at the office, and cleaned the kitchen, and Genevieve is back to her pressing PBS Kids-viewing schedule, so all is well. In a few minutes we'll go run errands at the post office and the bank, and then come home to do some advance cooking for dinner tonight until Julia comes home on the bus at lunchtime. It's nice to know where everyone is and what they should be doing, even if the weather is so brutal it will be keeping us indoors all week, which is always a challenge with small children.

As for me, I nipped my holiday muffin-top in the bud, gave up (most) junk food and sweets on New Year's Day, re-started daily exercise to the "Glee" soundtrack on my iPod, and lost four pounds in three days. You may cry measurement error, but I'll take it. In other news, I've got high hopes for the new year. I turn 39 in 2010, and it seems time for my next ship to come in. The year I turned 29, I graduated from the University of Illinois with my Ph.D.; surely I can round out my thirties with something equally exciting (but hopefully less debt-accruing), don't you think? I am determined, this year, to write my book proposal or land a writing job or discover something worthwhile about myself. I'm sure there's something out there for me. I have more to say about this, but errands and cooking and toddler activities are calling.

How do you feel about 2010? Are you ready for a fresh start or a new adventure?


Mnmom said...

New Decade
New Year
Let's GO!

Routine and vacations give us balance. And I like that. While I loved lolling around with my kids at home, I'm equally happy to get back here and make a difference in some student's life.

Now I just need a summer job!

Donna said...

Being back in the routine is good. Although I didn't like the feeling of putting on work clothes on Monday morning - they actually felt funny on my body.

I'm ready for a fresh start. Bring it, 2010!