Friday, February 05, 2010

Award Season

Aw, what a wonderful way to start a Friday.

My dear, funny, lovely friend Mnmom over at Happy to Be From Iowa just bestowed upon me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Now isn't she the sweetest? What nice things she has to say about me, too. Thank you, Mnmom! I don't always feel like a Beautiful Blogger, but I do try to tell it like it is, and that's worth something, right?

Of course you know that half the fun of winning a blogging award is passing it on to some other deserving writer. This time, I give the Beautiful Blogger Award to Mary at Fit This, Girl! I'm a relatively new follower of this awesome, inspirational fitness blog, but I just love Mary's voice, attitude, and zest for life. She doesn't just write about achieving one's fitness goals; if you read her regularly and more deeply you will see she also writes beautifully about withstanding the ups and downs of life, loving yourself, trusting in a higher power, and appreciating simple joys. Even though our lives seemingly could not be more different (she's younger than me, unmarried, and childless--a busy, active, cool working girl in the city!), I find comfort and motivation in her writings on running, life, and love. Go, Mary!

And with that, I say Happy Friday, everyone. May the snow fly, the children nap, and the vacuuming magically get done all by itself.

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