Monday, February 08, 2010

The Girl is Realistic About Her Capabilities

Oh yeah! Hey! It's my birthday today. It's also Pajama Day at my daughter's elementary school, so she traipsed off to kindergarten in little hot-pink polka-dot ruffly pajama leggings and a Popsicle-printed pajama tank top under a heart-print hoodie. FANCY. Of course it is snowing like crazy here, so all that was hidden underneath her parka and snowpants, but she looked pretty cute.

In solidarity, and dedicated birthday-celebrating, Genevieve and I are still in our pj's, too. The snow is softly falling outside the window, huge bright flakes falling straight down from the sky and piling up everywhere, and Genevieve is watching Dora the Explorer. I am drinking the yummy toasted-coconut flavored coffee my friend Donna sent me all the way from Hawaii, and we're trying not to think about how close 39 is to 40. Suddenly I feel very old to have such small children. But I'm not thinking about that.

This morning I asked Genevieve if, as my birthday present, she could be good ALL DAY today. No screaming. No yelling at me. No tantrums. She said no. So I asked her if, as my birthday present, she could just TRY to be good all day today. Just TRY her very best. Make an honest attempt. She still said no.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Happy Birthday!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday. You deserve an amazing day.

Enjoy that fluffy snow for me!!

Donna said...

p.s. As much as I know how much you wanted to hear Genna say she would try to be on her best behavior, I have to respect her honesty.

Hope she gives you the biggest, sweetest hug at bedtime. And one for me, too.

Mommy Lisa said...

Hey- at least she was honest.

Happy Birthday.