Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Would Get Extensions in a Split Second if I Were a Rich Celebrity

So I'm sure you're all dying to know what I did about my hair.

I decided I could not bear to lose the length. I like being the mom with the long hair. Sure, it's baby-fine and I swear I am losing half of it to insomnia-stress and money-stress and Genevieve-stress, but...I still like it long. It's much easier to maintain than a shorter cut, for one thing.

But, due to a tight budget, I was not getting my highlights touched up last night, and I could not bear to walk away from my appointment with just a tiny trim and absolutely nothing noticeably altered. How depressing would that be, to spend a bunch of time and money and then go home with no evidence that you were even at the salon? Ugh.

I got side bangs cut in. I love them. They give me a little softness around my hairline and mitigate my giant forehead (thanks, Dad, for that, by the way), yet they're totally subtle and won't involve any kind of awful growing-out phase. The only downside is that I'm sure it will drive me crazy to not have everything fit into a ponytail, but I don't care because that was sort of the whole point--to look a little less severe in a ponytail.

Sadly, partly because I had my brows done too, the whole deal--even without highlights--cost me an arm and a leg (as opposed to both arms and both legs when I get highlights too). Good thing I only go three times a year.

People sometimes ask me why I insist on going to an expensive salon when I could get a much cheaper haircut elsewhere. Part of it is that my current stylist is one of only two in my 39 years to make me feel good about how my hair looks. I mean, I realize that when I'm running around town with two small children in tow, under-rested and over-caffeinated, my hair does not always look that great. But the cuts are always good. I've gone to her for nearly ten years and she is really experienced and skilled. Some of you may not know this, but baby-fine, stick-straight, super-blonde hair is the most difficult to cut. I have had a few brave stylists admit this to me--either in regard to my own hair or my younger daughter's--over the years. Every mistake shows. Every hair is visible. There is no fudging anything. You can clearly see each and every layer, every razor swipe. If there is a quarter-inch of unevenness, it stands out as clear as day. When you have hair like that, you get used to paying a premium to have it done right. I learned that lesson too many times in my younger years when I shed tears over bad haircuts at bargain places, and then had to pay an expensive salon anyway to fix the damage. I justify the expense by reminding myself that my salon visits are pretty much the only time I spend anything on myself other than a five-dollar lipstick at Target.

In the end, I think my stylist may have cut more than my requested inch off my hair's length, but it's still pretty long.

You can tell me to shut up about my hair already now.

Next obsession: Will that new over-the-counter L'Oreal lash-growing serum actually give me eyelashes that anyone can see, at all?


Angel said...

I was going to suggest side swept bangs! I love mine. I too can't part with my long fine hair, but feel like my bangs give it a little more style (and cover my ever growing forehead wrinkles!). You might have to post pics though. I may not see you until the snow thaws. :)

Shan said...

Ha ha Angel... :) You are probably right about the bus stop and the snow. ;) And by the way, I tried to post picture, but a.) my camera battery died, and then b.) my camera seemed to be dead despite other batteries, and also c.) Blogger was not cooperating with posting photos anyway! I'll keep trying. Maybe when C. gets home from work he can magically fix the camera!

Shan said...

P.S. Oh yes! Angel is the one mom I know who still has her long hair! I forgot about her because we both hibernate from the bus stop and send the dads these days. ;) It's me and Angel, the lone holdout moms with long hair in Northfield.... ;)

Mnmom said...

Try having L's hair, where there's so much of it that air and sunlight NEVER reach her scalp.

Donna said...

ha ha! Angel asked for a picture. See, I'm not the only one who asks for pictures. :)

I love side swept bangs. They totally help with the forehead issue. (I'm in that club with you.)

And yes, fine hair is such a pain because it really limits your style options. My hair is fine, but instead of being straight like yours, it decides on a daily basis, whether it will be straight, poofy or wavy and I just need to go with whatever it's doing each day or it's madness. So my hairstyle needs to work with all of my hair moods. That severely limits my hair options.

And finding a good hairstylist = gold. Anyone who disagrees must have very agreeable hair (or they don't care). Because it's not just about whether someone can actually cut hair properly but whether they understand you and your personality, too.

Don't even get me started on my eyelashes. Both my kids have eyelashes longer than mine. (Not just proportionally, but the actual lashes are longer than mine; they get that from their dad). But, let me know if the serum works; I just might consider it. If I could find my lashes to put them on. :)

Good luck with the camera!

Mom said...

Actually, I don't think your dad ever had a "giant forehead" until he started going bald (which, as we all know, was a long time ago). But I suppose it was under there all the time, even when he had hair. I'm looking forward to seeing the new look. I was going to suggest bangs of some sort.