Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Land's End Comes Through

Back story is here.

Land's End is my new favorite company when it comes to customer service. LOVE THEM. (An aside: have you noticed how many cute, stylish, grown-up-preppy looks they have for women these days? I'm telling you, it's not all elastic-waist knit pants and boxy t-shirts over there. Super-cute-looking skinny jeans, scarves, flats, and bags! Seriously. And no, I'm not being compensated in any way for saying so.)

They sent me the larger slippers, for free. They included a pre-paid shipping label so I can return the other ones, for free. The larger size fits. I am happy.

Thank you, Land's End! You proved my kindergartner's ominous feelings about online shopping wrong. And mine! I appreciate it.


Mary S. said...

Glad it worked out! We've had similar experiences with Land's End -- they will fix pretty much any problem with the product. Plus, their tops are about the only ones that can stand up to my husband's approach to laundry.

Donna said...


Mnmom said...

We used to live in Iowa City where they had a Land's End Outlet - the JOY!!!