Friday, February 26, 2010

On Target for Spring

So, awhile back, a woman from Target's corporate PR department came across my Target-commercials post, and asked me to write a guest post on the Target Style blog, about baby stuff. They wanted me to buy (with a gift card provided by Target) some hip/stylish gear for the 0-24 months set, use it, and then photograph and write about how it fit into my mommying life. (All within one week's time, but that's another issue.)

Because I am a regular citizen and not a marketing person, web expert, or full-time professional writer who would know about these things, and did not think to consult my brilliant friend Lori (who IS all these things) first, I concluded that this offer was, yes, an awesome writing opportunity BUT one that sadly held no purpose for me, since I DO NOT HAVE ANY BABIES 0-24 MONTHS.

Oh, silly, naive little me. Because of course AFTER I told the woman that though I was flattered and extremely interested in writing for them, I no longer had babies nor need for baby gear, but how about letting me write something toddler-/preschooler-/kid-related instead?, my friend Lori asked me if I was crazy.

No, no, no--I'm kidding. She was a lot more diplomatic and kind and polite than that. But she basically very gently told me that, should this kind of offer present itself to me again, I should BORROW A BABY and get right on board, because this was not merely an offer of free shopping and fun writing, this was a chance for me to ESTABLISH MY BRAND and BUILD MY RESUME for when I write my book and then try to PROMOTE IT. And aha!, doesn't that make perfect sense once you hear it? Wouldn't it, indeed, be great to be able to say, when publicizing a book you just wrote about hip/happy/healthy stay-at-home motherhood, that YOU HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT MAMA STYLE FOR THE TARGET WEBSITE? Why yes, yes it would. Have. It would have.

In the end, Target's PR woman and I have e-mailed a bit and I do believe that she is sincere when she says she is keeping me in mind for a future post (although, who knows? maybe she's written me off as someone who looks a gift horse in the mouth, which I honestly did not intend to be), something that fits my demographic a bit better than the baby-gear one. But my hopes of negotiating for an April mama/kiddo style piece, or spring/summer gear piece, instead of the February baby post, are in vain. Target isn't planning anything like that for the blog in the immediate future.

So, I decided to do one of my own anyway, and put it up on Mama in Wonderland. Target is my main shopping mecca, you all know that--I'm the queen of frugalistas!--and probably, budget-wise, the only place I could justify actually spending a few bucks on some new spring duds for the girls and me this year. I wasn't planning, before now, to buy new clothes this spring (have I told you how the nine-years-old, un-scrubbable, hideously scuffed, cheap-ass cream-colored paint on the walls of our house IS FALLING OFF at a rate one can no longer ignore, and thus a BIG PAINTING EXPENSE is tragically in our near future?), but what tired mama can't use a few new pieces to freshen up her look after an epic winter? And don't these kiddos keep growing and thus needing new clothes? I'll set myself a (very modest; see above mini-breakdown about the horrific paint, the chipping, flaking, ugly, dirty paint) spending amount, hunt down some stylish kid/mom spring trends, and show you all what I came up with in the end.

However. Since I'm currently preoccupied with my Lenten no-sweets attempt and the fact that we still have two feet of snow on the ground here, you'll have to be a bit patient about the Target Spring Style post. I'm not quite ready to shop, spend, or bare my winter legs. (Yikes.) But spring is coming, and while Target is considering whether to give me a second chance, I'm going to make my own opportunity.

Stay tuned! Even budget-conscious moms of five-and-unders can look cute and be stylish. You'll see.


Mary said...

That is really a great opportunity, I just know she will come back to you or another one will come your way! What a cool opportunity for you too with the book and how it fits in!! So, is it published yet or when will it be? I am not a hip Mama yet, I need a nice BF first, but still interested! Yay! Happy Friday!

Shan said...

Mary, for 3+ years I have wanted to write a "survival guide" for modern stay-at-home moms, using my expertise as a clinical health psychologist (specialized in women's health) to tackle such issues as stress, mood management, healthy behaviors, finding joy/fulfillment, etc., and combining that with tips, tricks, and strategies for managing home, kids, and family. I spent fall '09 researching book proposal writing, but then decided in Jan. to just jump in and write the book first. I know there are tons of motherhood books already in print, but as far as I know, I would be the first to write one like this from both the perspective of an experienced stay-at-home mom AND of a Ph.D.-level mental health professional! I am dedicated to this writing goal in 2010 and if it never goes beyond my own two eyes and those of my beautiful daughters when (if) they are moms someday, I will still be satisfied that I achieved my dream of writing it. And, by the way, I have found your motivational blog posts so inspiring that I believe they are part of why I feel energized to tackle this goal now. You have such a gift for inspiration!

Lori said...

Omg, I hope I didn't give you too hard a time!!

Shan said...

@Lori--No, not at all! Didn't I say you were kind and diplomatic? :) It was truly a learning experience for me. I totally appreciated your feedback! I just kicked myself later for not talking to you first, before I'd answered the PR lady.

Donna said...

We just got Target (it's been less than a year) and I like their clothes - stylish and affordable.

And durable. My husband and my son like the C9 line - and the stuff has held up well to little-boy baseball.

Painting? Ugh. You have all my sympathies. The only thing I hate more than painting is yard work.