Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Day I'll Get More Sleep and Astonish Everyone With My Many Accomplishments.

We just experienced yet another two-day snowstorm. The girls' schools were closed yesterday, and the snowfall was incredible. We played in the backyard and the snow came up to my knees in some places, with waist-high drifts blocking our back door. The girls made a snow "clubhouse" with their neighbor friend, digging with plastic sand shovels in the giant drifts, which was pretty cute. This morning Julia is back to kindergarten and most of the streets are cleared.

I don't have that much to say, maybe because I am extremely tired this morning. I was up too late last night due to a five-mile run and an evening client phone consultation appointment, and then was tortured overnight by insomnia and awakened at six a.m. by Genevieve, who proceeded to SCREAM IN MY FACE about her blanket. You know, hauling my so-tired-and-just-fell-back-to-sleep self out of my nice cozy bed in order to go down the hall in the dark and help a surly toddler, only to have her reward my efforts by SCREAMING IN MY FACE ranks right up there toward the top on my list of Ways I Least Prefer To Start My Day. Not even my oh-so-yummy toasted-coconut-flavored coffee from my Hawaiian friend Donna can assuage my exhaustion or improve my mood this morning (though it sure tastes good).


Mnmom said...

I remember those mornings . . . "Well good morning to you too, Little Mary Sunshine!"

I always thought if they hated me so much, why ask for me?

latisha said...

sleep. what's that? at least you're optimistic!