Friday, February 19, 2010


Last weekend, we made pink-frosted chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

Boy they sure looked good...

Even good enough to sneak.

It's a good thing that between the four of us, visiting grandparents, and various friends, neighbors, and loved ones, we ate or gave away every last one, because....a local friend and I just decided to give up sugar for Lent. I KNOW! What brand of crazy am I?!

It was a total whim too. There we were, chatting on Facebook, and I randomly posted an update saying, "If I gave up sugar for Lent I bet I could lose ten pounds by Easter." Not even serious, people. Then this friend was all, "I'll do it with you!" And I was all--and there is no explanation for this, none at all--"Sure, why not?!" And then the deed was done, and I thought to myself, Uh....I have an entire unopened bag of pink and red M&M's in the cupboard from my Valentine's present. DANG. And then I thought, Dairy Queen re-opens for the season next week! And lastly I thought, What the hell have I done? I'm not even religious!

Meanwhile my friend tells me she plans on stocking up on frozen berries. And here I was thinking I'd better stock up on Cheetos.

Please note we're not doing anything ridiculous like giving up incidental sugar that shows up in things like dry Cheerios and ketchup and grocery-store whole-wheat bread. Just the typical suspects like ice cream, cookies, and candy. You know, the key items in my will to live. Ha! Just kidding. That would be Diet Coke.

Mmmm, those Valentine-colored M&Ms sure are going to taste good on Easter morning.


Mnmom said...

I could give up the sweets, but you'd better stay away from my salt and fat or you'll lose an arm!!!

Good luck with that. Good thing there's no sugar in coffee with half and half.

Donna said...

Shannon, if anyone can do it, YOU can.

And i can't help but laugh when I think about the time C gave up Coke for Lent.