Friday, March 26, 2010

Aging Isn't Pretty, People.

So the other week I went to the dermatologist to have some spots and freckles on my face checked out. I'm a super-fair-complexioned, nearly-full-blooded Scandinavian, so I'm extremely vigilant and concerned about skin cancer. In the past few years (read: as I've gotten closer and closer to MY FORTIES), I've noticed spots on my skin that weren't there before. This worried me.

My doctor told me they were harmless, but if I came back in two weeks, she could make them disappear for me if I wanted. Disappear? Heck yeah! Why not? I grew up with flawless skin, and sure, I'd love to get it back. (As much as that can be possible at age 39, with wrinkles and all. Let's just not talk about the wrinkles.)

Of course maybe I should have listened a little more when she said she'd be ZAPPING THE SPOTS WITH A LASER. ON MY FACE. Also the part about how, afterward, they'd turn into large purplish-red welts before fading away. And that those welts wouldn't fade away for, oh, two weeks or so. I chose to listen to the part about "you can cover them with makeup" and "then they'll go away."

This morning I had the laser treatment done. And rather than the five or six small spots I was troubled by, the doctor zapped every little flaw my face had on it. I mean, the laser was out, and it's only available one day a month, so why not? Go for it! Sure! Laser away every tiny dot you can see on my 39-year-old, decades-of-sun-exposed face! Dream of a flawless, perfect, even-toned appearance as a result. No pain, no gain, right?

Hmmm. Except now I have 30 giant purple welts on my cheeks, and my three-year-old keeps looking at me like I'm CRAZY. I think she believes some sort of monster mask has magically morphed itself onto my face, and that I'll take it off soon and look like myself again. And let me tell you, people, makeup DOES NOT HELP ALL THAT MUCH.

I keep reminding myself that in two or three weeks I'll look like Reese Witherspoon.

Right? Of course.


Angel said...

You must go to the same dermatologist I do in town. I had her do the laser on my rosacea last year. It was GREAT! Yes, I looked like a bruised golf ball for a while. :) But, it was very worth it. Hope you love your results! Reminds me, I need to make an appointment and get it done again... Argh, the price of beauty.

Shan said...

Angel, yes, I think there is only one dermatologist in our town! :) OK, so glad to read your comment, b/c now I can rest assured that the results will be worth it in the end.