Monday, March 15, 2010

Better Living Through Colic, Diapers, and Night Feedings

Julia persists in her quest to help me think of a working title for the book I'm writing. (More like trying to write, these days. Oy.) She knows it's about stay-at-home motherhood, and will include ideas about kids' activities, family cooking, etc. (in addition to the more self-help, survival-tactics part of the book), but understandably, her comprehension of the project is a bit sketchy. Mostly she can't fathom how I could not have thought up a title yet.

Yesterday she wrote me a list of title suggestions. The list includes: "Moms Love Kids," "Moms Play With Kids," "Play Cooking is Fun," "Kids Like to Play Outside," and "Picnics are Fun."

But my favorite title was this one: "You Get Better Homes With Babies."


Mnmom said...

She's funny.

How about "Keep your kids AND your sanity".

Tiffany said...

Most authors I've heard speak say they didn't name their book. The editor did. So, maybe you don't even need to worry about it!

latisha said...

oh my!!!!!! that is the best title ever.