Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It was a Learning Experience.

So guess whose feet began to slowly ache after one measly 2-1/2 mile run last night in the new, inexpensive (and cute and PINK) running shoes? What a drag, people.

The run itself was fine, but I cut it short to ease into the new shoes and appease my blister. Then, about two hours later, the soles of my feet began to feel the way they did back in the day, when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my toes (which ultimately led to plantar fasciitis in both soles) and went through a torturous four years of chronic pain and multiple frustrating medical treatments. I mean, last night I felt just a mild beginning of that sort of pain, but it was enough of a sign that I personally need expensive/supportive running shoes to make me clean off the shoes and pack them up to return them to Target tomorrow, and get online to order the New Balances I've worn without problem for many pain-free years now. (Can I just add that the current New Balances are a maddeningly ugly ORANGE color, people? As opposed to the cute and stylish PINK of the Champions? Who chooses ORANGE for a running shoe, anyway? That's not going to look nice with any of my pink running clothes!)

I know this story has nothing to do with parenting or motherhood or my daughters. But I knew some of you were interested in the outcome of my shoe experiment.


Mommy Lisa said...

Hmmm. I actually think Orange and Pink is a cute combo...add a little brown and see if you agree.


latisha said...

do you have a nordstrom rack? thats where we buy our running shoes. i get new balances too, $40. last season or something, sometimes ugly colors sometimes not, but cheap.

Mnmom said...

"Why don't you just switch to biking and walkiing?" she said from the comfort of her living room.