Friday, March 05, 2010

Mystery Angel

Today in the mail I got a mystery gift. It was sent by the artist Kelly Rae Roberts (do I know you, Kelly Rae Roberts? Is it somehow through Superhero Journal?), but there was no card or message inside. The gift was a gorgeous, lovely, painted wooden angel plaque, strung on a ribbon, holding the words, "Tell Your Story."

I am amazed to be so blessed. Whoever sent this to me is an angel. (Is it from Kelly herself? How does she know me? Does she read me here? How does she know my address? Or did someone order it from her, for me?)

I love it so much! I have the perfect place for it. This angel will watch over me and encourage me to persevere in my work on my book, to tell my story of mothering my girls and making a life for myself at home with them--I hope a story that will resonate with and help and inspire women trying to do the same.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (I wanted to post a photo of the angel here but my camera batteries are dead. So sorry! But Kelly Rae has a beautiful website, which you should check out.)

I can't explain this mystery package (did I enter a giveaway somewhere online, on someone's art-friendly blog? I have no memory of doing so....), but I feel like it is a little hug from the universe. Or a mystery friend. Or a new friend. Or a known friend, doing lovely anonymous things. Kelly Rae Roberts, your work is gorgeous!

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Mnmom said...

Angels are amoung us, often without our awareness.