Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I think my daughter is the only kindergartner in her class, and possibly in the world, who still naps every afternoon. Other moms are always trying to set up playdates with us immediately after school (i.e., she would go home with the little friend at lunchtime, have lunch there and play). I'm like, Uh, my daughters nap in the afternoon. We can play from three to five. This seems to surprise everyone, but I kind of like the fact that my almost-6-year-old still naps. Girl needs the rest, people! She's not a big-girl all-day-school-ager just yet!
  • Genevieve seems to be getting a little bit nicer and friendlier. Lately she's been hugging me and telling me she loves me, unprompted, and her instances of screaming in my face have decreased. Also, the other day at preschool I watched her gleefully go up and down the slide over and over with a little girl in her class, side by side and clearly with one another. I could see her looking at the other girl and talking to her. Progress!
  • It seems SO ODD to no longer have a child young and small enough to routinely ride in a stroller. I mean, we still have a stroller (more than one, actually), and they'll be good for another few months for those tired-legs emergencies, but by and large our fair-weather vehicles are now trikes, scooters, and bicycles. I don't know if I can fully express what a foreign feeling that is to a full-time, at-home mama like me, after nearly six years of baby/toddlerhood. I know I've talked about this before, but it's just the strangest, weirdest thing. Babies grow up! Crazy.
  • The other day, a fellow kindergarten parent who volunteers in Julia's class every week described her to me in an e-mail as "totally charming and self-possessed." So funny how another parent can see your tiny five-year-old as charming and self-possessed on the same day that you saw her having a crying fit at the front door when you insisted she wear her mittens to the bus stop.
That's all I've got, people. I'm sick. I've got parent-teacher conferences later today. And I'm stressing about bills and lack of income and the cost of private swimming lessons for my water-phobic daughter. More later, and stay well!

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