Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Refrigerate Your Jell-O Mousse, People.

I persevere on my sugar-boycott. Last week was full of ups and downs, as I felt fine one day (or hour), then felt sugar-crazed the next, then accidentally ate some Jell-O sugar-free chocolate mousse cups from my pantry that I had not realized WERE SUPPOSED TO BE REFRIGERATED. Ugh, people!

However, in case you ever need to know: you can totally eat Jell-O sugar-free chocolate mousse cups that have been sitting in your pantry for a week with no ill effects. What that says about the chemical preservative content of Jell-O sugar-free chocolate mousse cups, the pitiful nature of my daily diet, or both, I don't want to know.

Moving on. In the midst of the sugar ban, my running shoes freakishly turned on me, started falling apart, and gave me a blister so severe that it foiled two runs. (This may be related to the fact that they are not my normal shoe model, but a clearanced pair of discontinued-model shoes that I guess were on clearance for a reason.) After reading Christopher McDougall's bestseller Born to Run earlier this winter, I decided to take a major chance and try--for the first time in my 20+-year running career--inexpensive, non-major-brand, non-technical running shoes this time around (especially since I needed to replace my shoes quickly). I hauled Genevieve with me to Target yesterday morning, where I purchased a pair of Champion running shoes from Target's new running gear line. (I have been very happy with the other Champion running gear I have purchased there previously--tights and jackets and tanks and such.) Since they cost 1/3 the price of a typical "serious" running shoe, if they're a total disaster and fall apart in two months and have to order my regular brand anyway, I won't have lost anything, money-wise. But if they work just fine, think of the money I'll save!

If you're not going to eat sugar for your typical stress-relief and energy-building needs, you at least have to be able to get out there and run. I'm trying out my new shoes tonight, so I'll let you know how they feel.

Don't forget to watch the new NBC show "Parenthood" tonight (9 p.m. CST). The Olympics didn't end for nothing, people! It's time for some new TV options, and you all know the high hopes I have for this one. I am in dire need of some commiseration, and a few laughs, about the rocky road of raising babies these days--and really, who isn't? The only thing that might really bother me about this new series is that I can tell, from the promos, that it revolves around a large, extended family who all live near one another and are sort of in it together. I've seen clips involving big family dinners and grandparents at T-ball games and elders giving advice and respite to harried urban parents. I might sort of hate all those parents when I watch those scenes. What do they have to be harried or upset about? They have help and company on their parenting paths. The only help and company I have on my parenting path is a stack of Family Fun magazines on the floor near my bed. Ha--just kidding, there, a little bit. I have a little company. I don't have any help, though, really.

Even so, I'll have my TV on at 9 tonight. That's when I usually go to sleep, by the way.

Lastly, I can tell spring is on its way. The sun is higher in the late afternoon, the water is running here and there, just a tiny bit, like a little prayer. The girls are excited by thoughts of sidewalk chalk and playground visits. We will make it.


Question said...

Speaking of chalk, my brother called to tell me that one of the kids pulled out the sidewalk chalk and started drawing on the basement concrete floor and made a huge mess - chalk dust everywhere.

Mary S. said...

I'm enjoying your "sugar-free" posts. I have given up sugar for Lent many times and feel your pain. Now I give up TV -- so I won't be able to check out any of the shows you recommend. Good luck with the new shoes!

Donna said...

Is Jell-O mousse different than Jell-O pudding? Do both mousse and pudding need to be refrigerated (I thought the pudding didn't.) I only ask because my kids got something in cups for V-day and they are in the pantry not the fridge.

Really hope the new shoes work out for you, especially with your foot problems.

I'm stoked about Parenthood starting tonight, too.

Shan said...

It's not the same as pudding. HENCE MY CONFUSION. Right?! Somehow those little pudding cups are shelf-stable, but the mousse cups should be refrigerated? Of course, I should have known this, because I got the mousse cups OUT OF THE COOLER AT THE STORE, but....I forgot. Oops! :)

Mom said...

Actually, Jello pudding cups are also in the refrigerated section of the store, unlike the other brands. Which might tell you something about where they should be stored as well.

Shan said...

Oh, that's true--Mom is right. The non-refrigerated pudding cups I had were a different brand. I did buy the Jell-O mousse from the cooler section. But when I got home I forgot that I had, since the other-brand pudding cups were off the shelf. (by the way, that can't be good either.)