Friday, March 26, 2010

Still Writing.

This week I completed another chapter of my book, just in time for the month's end. I admit this chapter is a short one, and I purposely started writing with the chapters I could most easily envision and tackle, but the important part is that I have been able, thus far in 2010, to stick with my goal of finishing one book section per month (Intro + two chapters so far).

Reminder: my book is a "modern stay-at-home mom survival guide," combining tips, tricks, and strategies for managing kids, home, and family with guidance about mastering the more personal self-care challenges of full-time at-home motherhood (such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, mood, and stress management). I'm using my personal experience as a stay-at-home mom as well as my professional expertise as a Ph.D.-level clinical psychologist to write from a truly unique perspective. I want this book to read like your best experienced fellow-mom friend combined with your own personal therapist, wellness consultant, and life coach!

I am actively seeking representation for this project, so if any readers out there have connections in or leads about the publishing industry, please let me know!

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Mary said...

Good for you!! Keep plugging away on it. I really liked your comment about your feeling like you were called to write a book, that is wonderful! I can tell you are a natural writer and know what it's like to have a dream of wanting to be a writer and an author, it's one of mine too, but I don't talk about it much! I will let you know if I know of any leads, I used to be in publishing, but it was religious publishing!