Friday, April 09, 2010

A Good Week for Some Good Luck

OK, you all, I never win anything. And this has been a lousy week in some regards. My history of chronic pain and foot problems has come back to haunt me with a vengeance, and I am off my feet and away from running (and trying not to be in tears). I also have an appointment with a podiatrist for next week, to discuss my arthritis and my swollen painful toe joint that appeared overnight and is KILLING ME, PEOPLE.

So! Isn't this the perfect week, and simultaneously the most ironic week, to find out I just won $100 for a comment I left on a fitness column over at about my proudest fitness accomplishment? Which happened to be achieving a life as a runner again after longstanding arthritis and two pregnancies?

It's almost as if I tempted fate with that comment, isn't it, people? The way immediately afterward my foot felt like it was going to fall right off and I had to stop running and all my shoes began to hurt and I started envisioning with horror a life of no more running ever again? Um, yeah.

But still! You all! I JUST WON $100!

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

If you are truly tempting fate, your car will immediately need a $101 repair. Let's hope you aren't.