Monday, April 19, 2010

Parenting is an Endurance Sport

So yesterday right after Julia's swimming lessons, those of the tears and the clinging to my waist like a barnacle and the "I don't wanna go in the pool!" variety which understandably gave me a giant headache (oh dear God, the torturous swimming-phobia, when will it end?), our family left on an hour-long road trip up to the city to attend the 4th birthday party for the daughter of our close friends. From 1 to 3. Which is naptime.

If you don't know our family very well, you might assume that my small daughters would nap in the car on the way there. Seeing as how IT WAS NAPTIME AND ALL.

My daughters have not slept in the car since their inaugural rides home from the hospital after they were born. OK, I may exaggerate slightly. But not much.

Of course the fact that it was naptime meant that the whining and belligerence were more pronounced than their usual road-trip levels. I may have threatened Genevieve with the prospect of not getting any cake at the party. I know it's totally mean. But it worked. People, don't judge until you've walked a mile in my shoes. Or driven 60 miles with my three-year-old.

At long last we arrived at the city park where the party was held. The second we stopped the car, both girls said they needed to use the restroom, so Christopher took one and I took the other. Approximately 20 minutes and two bathroom accidents later, we arrived at the party--45 minutes late, in different clothes, with two tired children who kept asking me if they could go home and go to sleep.

Luckily there was cake. For everyone. Even Genevieve. And, despite the naptime hour and the swimming-lesson-related exhaustion, we all had a good time seeing old friends and playing at the playground.

But next time I think I'm having all our old friends come to US.

These babies are four and three now!

(The daughter of our friends--the birthday
girl yesterday--
and Genevieve, November
2006, at six and three months old.)


Mommy Lisa said...

I ALWAYS HATED when people scheduled small children's parties during TRADITIONAL nap time. so strange.

Also, Sunday swim lessons???

Mnmom said...

I lived every minute of what you are living now, and I haven't forgotten the screaming and the whining.

BUT on my drive to work this morning I passed a group of daycare kids, and saw all those toddlers and preschoolers frolicking in the spring sunshine, and I actually cried. I want my little girls back, except of course minus the screaming and all.

Shan said...

Oh, I should explain--it was the only day/time they could rent out the park rec center building. I understood. (We could have chosen not to go, after all. But we love these friends and rarely see them now that we live in different towns.)

The swim school operates every Sunday during the school year. I assume it is the only day they can use the Senior Center's pool.

Elise said...

I know - the scheduling kind of sucked! We did have several friends who couldn't make it due to nap conflicts - and I've certainly missed my share of parties for that reason. Sometimes it's all you can do.

But, MAN, I love that picture. Look at Ellie's ears!! And you can already see who's going to be an extrovert and who's going to be an introvert, even that young.

Shan said...

@Elise--so funny, right? There were 4 or 5 photos of them, and this one was the funniest, but they were all so cute.

In case it wasn't clear in this post, it was worth all the travel drama to see our friends! :)

Donna said...

That is the cutest picture. I love when age-mates take pictures together. Ellie's personality is evident in that picture. I imagine her to be so outgoing, hilarious and smiley.

I was holding my breath in the middle of your story... Glad fun was had in the end! It's much better than when things go south quickly.