Monday, April 05, 2010

Say Cheese

Last Friday, a friend and I took our four girls to the big city an hour away to visit the Children's Museum there, as we did last year (for the first time) during spring break. It was just as fun, adventurous, and exhausting as we remembered, only this year our babies are no longer in diapers and our children are all more able to run away from us into large crowds. (Note: Children's Museums during spring breaks are total chaos. I have never seen so many people--and strollers--in one place.)

Our trip took more than half the day, meaning that when we got home at 2 p.m., I tossed the children into their naptime beds and collapsed. And no, I did not cook dinner OR exercise that night.

Proving that it's just as hard to get two children ages three and five to look and smile appropriately at the camera as it is when those children are two and four:

Genevieve and Julia, Children's Museum, one year ago

Genevieve and Julia, Children's Museum, last Friday

And again, with Genevieve showing me her gums for an unknown reason

(I also find it crazy how little my daughters changed physically in the past year. They both still wear those shirts they have on in the first picture!)

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Mnmom said...

Hearing about the Children's Museum and all the crowds and strollers stirs up my PTSD - seriously.

The girls are so sweet!