Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring! Or is it Summer?

It's been in the upper 70s here the past few days, a summery temperature that came out of nowhere and had the girls and me out in bare legs and sandals, eating lunch in the yard on a picnic blanket, and playing "soccer" until we were sweaty. (Note: playing soccer when you're three and five and know next to nothing about the sport means running back and forth doing free kicks through makeshift goalie-less goals made from orange plastic cones. It's still fun.)

Of course this abrupt change in weather also had me kneeling in my daughters' room at inopportune moments (i.e., right before playing outside, or on the cusp of bedtime), pawing through closet baskets of hand-me-downs and put-away-for-the-winters, searching for sandals and shorts and summer pj's. Poor Genevieve is without running-around sandals for now, and suffers a severe lack of short-sleeved pajamas. I guess Julia was size 3T in the winter.

We're still spring-breaking, and enjoying every minute. Well, there was that moment the other morning when Julia asked me five times in a row when I was going to touch up her nail polish, even though I'd already answered her, and I thought it might be a challenging day. Oh, and a few days ago Julia did insist on changing her outfit five times in one day, after we'd gone over and over what would be good clothes for a fancy little-girls' tea party, but aside from that, we've been truly enjoying ourselves. One thing I've learned as a full-time stay-at-home mom in a household with limited income is how to create fun with very little or no money. Our family can't afford to travel over spring break, but I was determined to make this week a fun and joyful "stay-cation" for my girls, and I think I'm succeeding. Tea parties, playdates, picnics, mani-pedis, baking, cooking, and doing art are all inexpensive if not free--and when you're three and five, they're awesome fun.

Happy April, everyone! And if you live in Minnesota, enjoy the weather. I'm sure in a day or two it will be 45 degrees.

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