Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Style, Target-Style*

*[Edited to add: I was in no way compensated by Target for this post.]

So remember when I said I was going to go on a Target spring-style shopping adventure, and show you all what I scored? Well, I finally did it.

Making this shopping expedition all the more wonderful, I used a very generous gift card from one of my very best friends, a birthday present I have saved until now. Also, I went BY MYSELF, ensuring that I could take as much time as necessary, and try on ten zillion things if I wanted, in multiple sizes if I wanted, over and over if I wanted, before deciding what to buy. Joy!

I had $100 to spend. However, since I needed to stock up on a few personal basic essentials also (white t-shirts, underthings), I used a little less than that on spring outfits for my daughters and me, and went a little over the $100 gift card as well. That's fine; I expected to.

To see what I came up with in the end, see below. But first, please ignore the terrible lighting. (GAH, I am not quite that washed-out looking in real life--I hope.)

On Julia and Genevieve: super-sweet matching Circo "LOVE" tanks and little-girl skorts make for perfect summer playground play, $4 for each piece for a total of $8 per daughter. (Eight dollars! For an entire outfit!) Julia also got an extra Cherokee solid pink tee for $5.

On me: First, a Liberty of London for Target flowered ruffled sleeveless blouse, $20.

I plan to mostly wear this with skirts this summer:

It looks better with a dark-colored, more contrasting bottom, doesn't it?

but in the first photo, I paired it with the super-versatile Merona modern-fit chino Bermudas I bought on this shopping trip, $18. (These need to be taken in a bit at the waist, so will ultimately cost a bit more than this for the alterations. The smaller size did not fit my rear end. That's life as a curvy girl.) The blouse would also look great with dark jeans. Necklace, worn as a bracelet, and packaged with a pair of earrings, $13 total.

Recall that I purchased the bright purple ruffly ballet flats awhile back, because they were on sale for ten dollars.

Note: I also bought a lovely printed lightweight summer scarf, much like this one only more brightly-colored, for $13, that does not match this outfit so is not pictured, but which I will wear to brighten up solid tees.

I REALLY wanted to add this dress to my shopping cart, but I was worried about wrinkling and comfort with the super-crisp cotton, AND I was trying to stick to my budget. Maybe I'll watch for it later on sale.

Total for the above: $87.

Proving that budget-restricted, style-conscious, active moms of small children CAN look pretty and pulled together, and dress their kids in comfy, cute separates, for a VERY reasonable price.

(Note: I will not be wearing those shoes to the park.)

And that's spring style for mamas, from Target. Happy shopping!


Donna said...

Gift money! And shopping by yourself? Fun fun fun!

I love that top on you. I agree it looks best with a contrasting colored bottom. You could even do it with a colored (non-neutral) bottom since there are so many colors in the top to pick up. Easy to dress up or dress down. Very versatile. Awesome find!!

Do you sew? You can saven $ on a tailor if you do.... This (or a similar process) should work for pants and skirts.

I love the matching outfits - and their smiles - on the girls.


Question said...

The first two pictures of the kids should be in the Target ad. So, darn cute. (And, you look great too. Love the hair.)

Shan said...

Question, you're sweet. My hair is actually in a bad state! The side bangs have grown out, and I'm not going back to the salon for another month! But I appreciate your nice comment. :)

Interestingly, my local friend Connie called me and said she likes the blouse better with the chino shorts than the dark denim pencil skirt. Go figure. You all are nice.

Rita said...


(and oh my GOSH your girls look cute!)