Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sugar, Spring, and Other Things Starting With the Letter 'S'

You will all be happy to know that, after my ban on sweets during Lent ended on Sunday, I did not slide headlong into sugar oblivion. (I suppose it could still happen?) I had my small Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard and enjoyed it thoroughly. I did not then go raid the Tupperware full of Chips Ahoy in the pantry (the remains of a playdate) or eat my daughters' Easter basket jelly beans. And I still haven't. Dare I say that moderation in all things sugary may be the wonderful end result of giving up sweets for Lent? We'll see.

In other news, my babes went back to school yesterday after ten days (counting weekends) of spring break. Believe it or not, I was sad to see their vacation end. We did SO MUCH fun stuff during those ten days. Sure, it exhausted me to dive headlong into every nonstop day full of special activities without the respite of morning school, but the girls and I truly enjoyed each other. It was great.

Finally, Julia asked the other day how the man's sperm and the woman's egg actually get to one another, so I had to try to explain S-E-X for the first time. Uh, crazy? Clearly she had no idea what I was talking about, and probably thought I was speaking some sort of other language. I used to lead parent-education classes about teaching toddlers, preschoolers, and older children about anatomy, sex, and sexuality, so this is nothing I haven't thought about at great length (and for anyone who cares, I highly recommend this book), but seriously? There is just no simple way to describe what actually occurs in order to create a baby. I mean, honestly. It's crazy!

Lord have mercy. It's the nonstop parenting train over here, and it's an express. Once you get on, there's no stopping! Not even when the children start asking how babies are made.



Mnmom said...

We have those conversations all the time. Still do. The Talk seems to be more of a series of talks. I'll never forget when youngest figured out that sex could be recreational. Looked like she'd eaten a lemon!!

Trish said...

I was thinking about you on Sunday wondering the amounts of Easter candy you might be eating, hehe! I didn't even know 5 yr olds questioned S-E-X...I have A LOT to learn...