Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Back Soon. Busy. Back Soon.

How did I let another week get away from me like this? Why does time fly like this? Next week Genevieve's nursery school lets out for the summer, and I need to get Julia's birthday party invitations in the mail. After that, it's just a blink of an eye until Memorial weekend and Julia's 6th birthday and said party and grandparents visiting and treats for school (please God let me remember to bring treats to school on Julia's birthday) and the kindergarten zoo field trip (is it just me or does it seem CRAZY AND WRONG to send FIVE-YEAR-OLDS on a school bus to the city AN HOUR AWAY IN GOOD TRAFFIC to go to the zoo for the day? Seriously? Send my child on a bus to a different city an hour away without me? Uh, no. That is why either my husband or I will be accompanying the field trip WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE ASKED OR ALLOWED TO. Oh yes we will.). Ahem? Did I get away from myself there for a minute? I think I did.

Well. So. I've been busy doing a lot of other things that don't involve this blog. I've been painting a room in my house and getting my hair in the paint by accident and cursing the task of painting a room in my house. I've been finishing the chapter in the book I'm writing that has been dogging me for weeks. I've been editing the member handbook for the CSA farm my family belongs to, at the request of the farmers who own it. I've been taking my daughters to the dentist (where Genevieve had to get a FILLING for a CAVITY! she's just a THREE-YEAR-OLD BABY!). I've been doing a training plan for resuming running after my spring arthritis flare-up (oh God the huffing and puffing and wheezing). I've been doing wellness coaching over the phone with one of my clients (and if anyone else is interested in such services contact me at because even if I sometimes trip over my own bad habits I am AWESOME at helping other people solve their problems and reach their goals and live happier healthier lives, because I have a doctoral degree in such things). I've been planning a kid birthday party and registering children for preschool summer school and summer swimming lessons. I've been taking Julia to spring swimming lessons. I've been busy. I've been listening to my toddler read. I've been appreciating the way she says "amblee-ence" for ambulance and "hweaty" for sweaty and the way my kids call the stem end of a banana the "monkey end."

See? Busy.

What's been keeping you busy these days?


Question said...

Calling the stem end of a banana, the "monkey end", is about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Christopher Tassava said...

I had to invent that term because they squabbled over the other (non-stem) end until I started selling the stem end as the one that the cute monkey use when they eat bananas. (It's true! They do!)

Donna said...

My kids call it the "banana butt." I take full blame for that one. *sigh*