Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can a Mom Rock the Skinny Jeans?

Last week, since my usual boot-cut Levi's are currently too big for me, I did something completely insane: I ordered a pair of skinny jeans. Yes! Is that not the craziest thing you ever heard, from a curvy 39-year-old mom? I mean, it's ridiculous. I recognize this.

But Susan Wagner swore they'd look great, that they DO look great, contrary to everyone's assumptions, even if you're NOT thin as a rail. And all the other curvy mom bloggers were raving about these particular jeans. And I've recently lost a bit of weight. (I like to call it my "preschooler weight," since the baby weight came off in two weeks after Genevieve was born. This weight had no excuse.) And I was tired of that baggy feeling you get when your pants are too big.

But still--skinny jeans. OMG terrifying. (How great is this, though: I got them for 30% off AND free shipping, PLUS free shipping on the return/exchange mailing because they sent me a defective size the first time around. Really!)

First of all, I spent FOREVER trying to decide between sizes: how tight is too tight? They're super stretchy and comfortable, so I decided to scandalize the other moms at kindergarten pick-up and go for the smaller size. But egad--I'm really not used to such things. I've been pregnant, nursing, or running around after pre-K children for six years. We wear yoga pants and non-tight jeans for all that.

Can a mom rock the skinny jeans look? I'm not sure, but Julia thought they looked like something "teenagers wear." Hmmm.

Here's what happened when Genevieve tried to take a picture of me as I was leaning over to talk to her:

Here's what happened when I tried to take a picture of myself in the mirror, in unfortunate light and without a flash:

What do you think? Can you even see anything in those awful photos? Too teenagery? Too tight? Too trendy? Or just not something someone with my particular gene pool should wear?

I like them and think they're fun, even though they're skinny and "skinny" is not a word I would use to describe myself. They'll look great in the fall tucked into tall flat boots.

Maybe YOU could rock the skinny jeans look too! Seriously: if the person attached to a booty like mine can buy and wear them, ANYONE can. Try them! You might like them. Even if you're a mom.

(P.S. Clearly my lack of photography skills in the take-my-own-picture department--heck, in any department--keeps me from being a style blogger. Among many, many other things. I apologize for making you view such awful photos. I'm sure I would have looked a lot better in decent pics. At least, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.)


Elise said...

A.) I hate to break this to you, but you are not by any definition of the word "curvy."

2.) Likewise, I think anyone who has ever seen you would agree that "skinny" (in the complimentary sense of the word) is an apt descriptor of your physique.

Third, those jeans look great. Well played, as the Fug Girls would say.

Laura said...

SUPER cute! They look great!

And, BTW, "skinny" *is* a word I would use to describe you. In a good way. Equivalent to "fit."

Christopher Tassava said...


Joanna said...

This mom has steared clear of the skinny jean so far, but I might just have to give them a try. They look great on you! I have a very stylish friend about my same body type (very curvy) and they look cute on her. What am I waiting for?

Shan said...

You all are sweet. To clarify: By "curvy," I just meant there is (and always has been) an 11-inch difference between my waist and hip measurements. Which is a just a leetle bit CRAZY, proportionally, but what can you do? I swear to you, my rear was inherited and will not budge.

Rita said...

I have two pair and I wear a size TWELVE!

Both mine are from Lands End and I LOVE THEM.

(you look great, btw!)

Mom and Kiddo said...

You look great! Being fit is the key to skinny jeans, probably. I think they look good on people who wear them well (like you!), but I can't deal with pants that skim my skin, I need them loose!

Missy said...


Donna said...

They look fab on you!